Wholesale Car Covers

Wholesale Car Covers

Wholesale car covers have become a popular business. This is hardly surprising considering the new found interest in car covers. Until now, people looked at car covers more as an accessory than a necessity. They did not understand the importance of covering one’s car. Today though, there has been an increased awareness on just how detrimental nature can be to cars. People have begun to realize that ‘nice car’ and ‘parked outdoors unprotected’ do not belong in the same sentence. There is no way the two can go together. For someone to be able to park their car outdoors, and still retain a neat, clean, healthy car, it is imperative that they cover the car with a car cover. When a car is kept outdoors, it is left to become a victim of acid rain eating the car’s paintwork, the exterior getting bleached from the ultraviolet rays, and scratched and dented in the wind. This is not all. There is a long list of the dangers that may befall a car when it is stored outdoors, even over just one night. Frankly, after spending so much on the car itself, it is hardly worth paying for constant cleaning and repairs. So, people have finally faced reality and gone and bought themselves car covers. It is no longer considered posh and overly wealthy to have a cover, but rather a practical and sensible. Of course, there are still the elitist with more upper class, fancy looking covers, but as a whole, car covers are available and accessible to each and every member of the general public.

No two people are the same. Not everyone lives in the same car, in the same climate and weather conditions. Therefore, the choice of covers is huge. There are various covers, with different protective combinations, so that everyone, in every climate, is able to find the perfect cover for him and his car. And so, the wholesale market for car covers has just grown. It is a vicious circle; increased demand, therefore increased supply, therefore increased awareness, and increased demand. This has led to more types of covers to be manufactured. More research in various materials, and their protective qualities, and hence a larger choice available on the market. It is a booming business that is taking off. Perhaps the busiest place is online. There are numerous online companies that are selling car covers wholesale. This is due to the fact that more and more people are using the internet for shopping as it is the easiest way to shop. People can read up about all the various covers, read reviews, get a balanced view of the product in question before having to make the deal. This is all at the click of a button, without having to run around from shop to shop, garage to garage.

Auto Car Cover Ensure Cars Are Protected Even When Stored Indoors

When people keep their cars indoors in a garage, they often mistakenly think that their car is fully protected. This is wrong simply because there is so much that could go wrong, even inside a garage. Whilst the car may not be exposed to the detriments of the weather, it still has other instances of damage available. To begin with, almost nowhere is free from dust, indoors included. Garages, in particular, tend to be very dusty places for the simple reason, that people don’t dust and clean their garages constantly like they do with their houses. So, the dust piles up, and piles up on the car stored there too, and of course, a dusty car is no one’s favorite. Aside from that, cars very often get knocked about in garages. Garages are not known to be the most spacious of places, and often involve squeezing past the car to get to the other side. This is not necessarily a problem unless there keys or other similar objects hanging from pockets and belts. As the person passes by the car, inevitable the car will get scratched. This is often not even noticed by the offender, but, the mark remains imprinted on the car.

Another way the car gets knocked about is with garbage. When taking out bulky garbage bags to the can, the car can easily get knocked. If there was a heavy object in the bag, then most likely the car will end up getting denied, even if only slightly. This little nicks and dings are unnecessary but extremely bothersome. An indoor car cover, like the Multiband cover, is the ideal solution to this problem. It is made from a three-layered polypropylene fabric and therefore is ideal for indoor use. The cover even offers minimal outdoor protection too, of that odd occasion when the car is stored outdoors. Multiband is able to resist the dirt and dust, as well as moisture and ultra-violet rays from filtering through on to the car. Since the Multiband cover consists of three layers, when the car gets knocked and scraped, the cover will be able to absorb the shock of the impact without leaving an impression on the car itself. The cover will be able to act as a cushioning shield for the car. The Auto cover is made from breathable material. This means that air and moisture are allowed to escape away from the car through the cover so that the car can breathe whilst covered without getting steamed up and rotten. Simultaneously though, the cover will resist air and moisture from entering in through the cover, so the car remains protected both ways. As the Auto cover is an indoor cover, it did not have to go through extensive treatments for its protection and therefore is not expensive at all. It is a cost-effective way of making sure all is done to protect the car in every way.

The Size Guide To Car Covers

A universal car cover will fit any sized car, no matter how big or small. (Vans are a separate size.) As this is the case, the universal cover is, therefore, the cheapest type of cover, as it can be mass produced. The main advantage of it fitting each and every car is that the same cover can be used when the car is updated, and a new car is bought. It also means the cover can lend out to family and friends without worrying about the fit. What people do not like about the universal cover is that is doesn’t fit any car perfectly. Meaning, that either the cover will be a bit too big, or a bit too small for the car. Either there will be bits of the car peaking out, unprotected, or the cover will be very baggy and flapping about in the wind. For this reason, it is said that the protection a universal cover offers is not optimum. The next type of cover, ascending in price, is the semi-custom cover. These covers are made to fit a selection of cars that are grouped together as they are of similar shape and size. The fit of the cover will, therefore, be more appropriate to the car. Naturally, this means that the protection offered is better as the cover will cover all of the cars properly. Nonetheless, it is still not perfect. It is still not snug against the car.

Which brings us to the last type of cover; the custom. This is tailor-made for the car in question. It will fit the car in every sense of the word and protect it cozily. Taken into account will even be things like mirrors and aerials, and pockets will be made for them. Due to its exact fit, the cover will be able to offer the best degree of protection possible.  Obviously, the custom cover looks the best too. There is no such thing as excess and baggy material, or parts of the car left exposed. Car owners are given the chance to personalize their covers having the option of choosing the colour of the car, and placing a logo of their choice on the bonnet, giving the cover an added classy look. When the car is covered by a custom cover, it will automatically be more stylish and upper-class.